Rivian Introduces New Camp Mode Designed For The Overlanding Crowd


Rivian is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts and the company is targeting the overlanding crowd with their latest update.

The big news is the addition of Camp mode, which is designed to make overlanding more comfortable. As part of this effort, there’s a new Camp Leveling function that uses “special algorithms and multiple sensors” to adjust the air suspension to make the vehicle level even when parked on uneven ground.

Rivian says the process can take anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the unevenness of the terrain, but owners will have a level vehicle which should make sleeping at night more comfortable.

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The Camp mode features don’t end there as owners will find an assortment of settings to optimize their energy usage while parked. In particular, there’s a Stay On setting that “keeps the vehicle fully awake so you can use climate control, play music, and use other features while inside.” Owners can also turn off the interior displays as well as set timers for charging ports and outlets so you don’t waste energy while you’re sleeping.

In an effort to be a good neighbor and not bother other campers, there’s a Camp Courtesy setting that turns off all exterior lights, sounds, and proximity locking. It also ensures the climate control system remains relatively quiet.

At night, R1T and R1S owners can light up their campsite with flood lights mounted in the side mirrors. The lights can be controlled individually and they’ll work even when the mirrors are folded.

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