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Rivian Teams Up With Tenneco To Update Its Supercar-Like Suspension System


Future Rivian R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV models will feature an updated version of their already unique suspension setup. The electric vehicle manufacturer just inked a new deal with supplier Tenneco and shed some light on how future vehicles will handle. It sounds like the already impressive ride quality of Rivian vehicles is about to get better.

Tenneco supplies parts to a host of manufacturers including McLaren. In fact, from its inception, Rivian has used a central valve body block from Tenneco that shares much of its design with one used by McLaren. In fact, McLaren and Rivian take a very similar approach to thwart body roll while maintaining excellent handling and comfort. They do so by utilizing a cross-linked hydraulic system at each wheel.

That means that Rivian doesn’t need a traditional anti-roll bar. In turn, that provides more articulation and eliminates the need for that bulky and heavy hardware. Now, future Rivian models will use Tenneco’s CVSA2/Kinetic H2 semi-active suspension technology. Rivian will integrate the components directly into its skateboard chassis. It should provide improved continuously-controlled damping and roll control without compromising off-road capability or comfort.

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“Our global engineering teams have worked closely with Rivian and other vehicle manufacturers to achieve new ride performance and NVH reduction targets for battery-electric and hybrid vehicles. We are very pleased that CVSA2/Kinetic® technology has been chosen,” said Henrik Johansson, Vice President, and General Manager of Advanced Suspension Technologies to Benzinga.

In addition, Tenneco’s Clevite Elastomers will now be incorporated into the front and rear suspension bushings of the Rivian R1T and R1S to improve ride quality. On her part, Kathleen Pacheco, Vice President, and General Manager of NVH Performance Materials said that “We are very pleased that Clevite Elastomers products will contribute to the success of Rivian’s first two models added.”

Reviews of the R1T all seem to report outstanding on-road and off-road comfort and handling. We look forward to seeing what the R1T and Rivian R1S feel like with these updated components once they make them into production. No word on when exactly that’ll happen as of this writing.


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