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Rolls-Royce Britannia Pickup By Design Student Looks Worthy Of The Spirit Of Ecstasy


The following story includes renderings of a fictional pickup created by independent designer Travis Yang who is neither related to nor endorsed by Rolls-Royce.

Rolls-Royce is probably the least likely automaker to ever introduce a pickup truck but this fact hasn’t limit the imagination of young design talent Travis Yang who created the Britannia. The digital-only concept combines extravagant proportions with Rolls-Royce’s styling language and a wood-covered rear bed, making a case for an ultra-luxury pickup.

The Britannia measures 5,500 mm (216.5 inches) long which makes it slightly longer than a Spectre and gives it a commanding road presence. Its massive ground clearance would put a Cullinan to shame, thanks to the portal axles and the large-diameter wheels.

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The most striking feature of the concept is the ultra-long bonnet which makes it look like a yacht. Note that the concept was envisioned as an EV, which means that all this space at the front can be used for extra storage compartments, probably higher in capacity than the rear bed itself.

The front end retains the illuminated pantheon grille and the Spirit of Ecstacy, although the grille is covered. The large openings below the Phantom-style headlights reveal part of the suspension. The roof-mounted LEDs make it look more adventurous, although we are not sure about visibility which would probably be a major problem in off-road driving scenarios. The boxy wheel arches are connected with the illuminated side sills as a reference to classic cars from the previous century, which is also the case with the bonnet straps.

Behind the strict two-seater cabin that looks rather cramped for such a long vehicle, we find a rear bed covered in high-quality wood, reminiscent of the rear deck of bespoke models including the $28-million Boat Tail. Finally, the pronounced rear overhang has a typical Rolls-Royce stance with LED taillights and a protruding tailgate continuing the duo-tone treatment.

The Rolls-Royce Britannia would make little sense in real life, but it does propose some interesting aesthetics for an imaginary luxury pickup. As a project of a 19-year-old design student, it serves the purpose of exploring the unknown, rather than proposing something doable. In any case, we can’t help but wonder how would Rolls-Royce officials respond to a really wealthy customer if they asked for a coachbuilt pickup like this.

Renderings by @trav1s_yang



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