Rolls-Royce Dawn Looks Quite Nice With That Mansory Treatment


Mansory is best known for their over-the-top modifications but there are a handful of upgrades from the tuner’s catalog that are much more subtle and this Rolls-Royce Dawn has been equipped with some of them.

While we’d like to think that most Rolls-Royce owners are discerned buyers with high-end and sophisticated taste, there are also plenty of younger buyers that want to make more of a statement with their vehicles. For these shoppers, a Dawn looking like this could be absolutely perfect.

Read: Mansory Has Its Way With The Rolls-Royce Dawn

The front of the Dawn is particularly aggressive and if Rolls-Royce was ever going to release a high-performance variant of the droptop, it could look a little like this. Among the most striking new elements found up front include the redesigned bumper, splitter, and air intakes, as well as plenty of forged carbon fiber parts.

Mansory’s modifications continue along the sides of the Dawn with a pair of extended skirts and new carbon fiber pieces on the front quarter panels. The black wheels make a particularly bold statement thanks in part to the orange center caps that they are rocking.

Rounding out the exterior changes is a small lip spoiler on the tailgate, an overhauled rear diffuser, and a new bumper.

Mansory has also gone to town on the interior of this Rolls-Royce, adorning it with bright orange leather complete with an intricate pattern and complemented by matching orange seatbelts with Mansory writing. A host of gloss black elements are also found in the cabin, as are various other pieces of Mansory branding.

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