Rolls Royce Debuts The Phantom Series II Along With Two Highly Customized Models


Monterey Car Week isn’t just for wild hypercars and Rolls Royce is making that clear with the North American debut of the Phantom Series II. The new super-luxury sedan isn’t arriving alone though. A Black Badge Cullinan and a Ghost are on display as well and the trio demonstrates just how incredibly customized a Rolls Royce can be.

The new 2023 Phantom Series II features two new bespoke lighting elements including a subtle glow that will come from the Pantheon Grille. In addition, the headlights have 580 laser-cut bezel starlights. Each element adds to the illustrious Starlight Headliner offered in previous year’s model Rolls Royces.

The unique example at The Quail this weekend has been dubbed Maverick. Head of Bespoke at Rolls Royce, Johathan Simms, described the nomenclature as such “Each commission represents a distinct design reflecting an aspect of what Phantom means to its ultimate owner. Many Phantom owners achieve their success through new ideas, unconventional methods, and their own relentless self-belief. The ‘Maverick’ Bespoke persona demonstrates how Phantom adapts to the modern age, asserting a creative, independent character.”

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Of course, you won’t have to own a Phantom Series II to incorporate such customization into your new Rolls Royce. Bespoke will help each owner create whatever they can dream up and the two other Rolls Royce models at the Quail make that clear.

First, a Ghost with Crystal finish of Sagano Green paint incorporates six layers of finish. The Crystal finish actually includes tiny particles of color to create a multidimensional shimmer. Simms says that Rolls Royce has incorporated gold, silver, and even diamonds into finishes as well.

A very unique Black Badge Cullinan is also on display in Forbidden Pink. Rolls Royce seems intent on reminding us that Black Badge cars do not themselves have to be black in color. The inside isn’t dark either and instead features Grace White, Cashmere Grey, and Lime Green leather upholstery.

One thing has become very clear about this weekend in Monterey. If you have millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, there are plenty of automotive options for you to spend it on.


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