Rolls-Royce Gets Colorful With New Bespoke Cullinan SUVs Inspired By Fashion


Rolls-Royce’s personalization program has proven to be quite successful, which is why the automaker hasn’t stop unveiling one- and few-offs based on its model range while adding new features into the mix. Now it is the Cullinan’s turn to show up, with two new fashion-inspired collections debuting in Art Basel Miami alongside the new “Starlight Tailgate” option.

Starting with the “Re-Belle” collection, Rolls-Royce showed Cullinan interiors with Lime Green or Peony Pink accents on Arctic White or Cashmere Grey leather, while the dashboard is upholstered in handwoven stainless-steel fabric in both cases. This can be combined with Lime Green, Gunmetal, Wildberry, or Arctic White shades for the exterior, depending on the owner’s taste.

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The “Fu-Shion” collection can be had with two different themes for the interior – either a Military Green / Navy Blue leather with Mandarin accents, or a more sensible Arctic White / Cashmere Grey combination with Forge Yellow accents. In both cases, the lower part of the dashboard has a colored piano veneer with a glossy finish. The color palette for the exterior includes the Military Green, Burnout grey, Forge Yellow, and Tempest Grey shades.

An important addition to the customization options is the “Starlight Tailgate” which extends the treatment of the Starlight Headliner on the interior trim of the tailgate. According to Rolls-Royce, the special tailgate takes 22 hours to manufacture, with 192 illuminated stars incorporated in the perforated leather. This allows users of the “Viewing Suite” – as Rolls-Royce calls the Cullinan’s tailgate-mounted seats – to enjoy the stars as they would from inside the cabin. Last but not least, the automaker offers matching five-piece luggage sets for the “Inspired by Fashion” Cullinans, adopting one of the four interior themes.

Rolls-Royce hasn’t announce pricing for the custom editions of the SUV, nor their availability. However, if your pockets are deep enough, you can ask Rolls-Royce’s color and trim department for anything you wish for in terms of personalization, and they will thankfully take your money.


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