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Roz Purcell candidly shares how she earns money


Pic: Instagram/Roz Purcell

Roz Purcell is a woman of many talents and now she’s after revealing just how exactly she makes money after a fan inquired about a recent major purchase during an Instagram Q&A.

The former Miss Universe Ireland candidly opened up to her followers about her income stream, detailing her various jobs to her 540K followers.

After recently investing in a plot of land in a forest, Roz left many fans wondering how actually she could afford it while on a social media salary.

As always, Roz was all too happy to break down her various money-making ventures for those curious, never shying away from any question that is thrown her way.

“‘I work with brands through social media on this page (I know I don’t do loads of ads but I work with a few I love over a long period) prob could be earning way more but I don’t want to be a walking billboard,” she responded.

‘Traditional media jobs (whether it’s radio/writing),” was another avenue in her career path.

While she also touched on her recent big buy saying: “That forest fee was money I had been saving for a mortgage for the past 8-10 years. So it’s not like I just had it lying around.”

The questions regarding money didn’t end there, however, as another fan was curious to know how much money she earns from her popular cookbooks

Pic: Instagram/Roz Purcell

“‘Definitely depends on the book and how well it does. Usually, there’s an advance fee (this is usually much smaller for a photo heavy book like a cookbook as a lot of the books expenses goes into photography & colour print) after tax you might get €1-2 per book sold after a certain amount. E.g. 10,000/5,000 are sold. This can also be affected by discounts, etc,” she explained.

Continuing: “So the author wouldn’t be the main earner more the publishing house. I think the majority of people who do books do it for a love of it and passion.”

Well there you have it folks, now you know!


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