SBI Shares Tips To Protect Customers From Fraudulent Money Apps


1. It is always better to verify an app’s legitimacy before downloading. Numerous unlawful apps have the potential to capture users and steal money from their accounts.

2. You shouldn’t click on shady links.

3. It’s best to avoid utilising unlicensed apps that might steal your data, as was already mentioned.

4. To prevent your data from being stolen, check the app permission settings.

5. You should alert the local police about any dubious money lending apps.

6. For all of your banking needs, always go to

Not only that, but customers should also refrain from sharing their Know Your Customer (KYC) documents to unrecognised people or apps that are not validated or authorised, and always report such events to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

In fact, banks, non-banking financial enterprises registered with the RBI, and organisations under state government regulation are all capable of providing legitimate loans. Hence, they are safe. Additionally, SBI periodically warns its clients about phishing trends and strategies for defending themselves against such scams.


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