Scalar Performance Teases Toyota GR86 EV Race Car For SEMA


SEMA news is trickling in and Scalar Performance is piquing our interest by teasing an electric Toyota GR86.

Set to debut on November 1st, the model was built in collaboration with Hypercraft and Ettractive, and is being billed as the “first bespoke all-electric club sport amateur race car.”

The companies are keeping details under wraps, but the teaser image shows a GR86 equipped with a front splitter and what appears to be a quick release hood. We can also see blue accents and a large rear wing.

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Stock 2022 Toyota GR86

That isn’t much to go on, but Hypercraft will apparently be supplying the powertrain. There’s no word on specifics at this point, but the press release notes the company offers a platform agnostic HyperPack with a “modular EV battery system available in capacities from 20–120 kWh.” Hypercraft also offers a Genesis Series with battery capacities of 40-120 kWh as well as single motor outputs ranging from 302 hp (225 kW / 306 PS) to 503 hp (375 kW / 506 PS).

While there are more questions than answers, Scalar Performance co-founder Brian Bourne said “This first-generation club level electric race car is the stepping stone for all the different technologies Scalar Performance is developing and bringing for the first time to the club sport amateur racing level.” He added, “We are working closely with thought leading organizations such as National Auto Sport Association to ensure we develop motorsport technology that can lead the evolution of amateur club sport racing.”


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