Seat Belt Issue A Potential Danger On 2022 Audi A3 And S3 Models


The Volkswagen Group has issued a recall for select 2022 Audi A3 and S3 models in the United States due to an issue with the front seat belt tensioners.

An investigation from the car manufacturer has revealed that the seat belt tensioner in affected vehicles may not reach the intended level of retention force in the event of a crash. This could move the position of a passenger’s body further to the front of the seat, leading to a “negative influence on the whole restraint system” and increasing the risk of injury.

Audi first became aware of a potential issue on January 10, 2022 when a crash test for the Audi RS3 in the South Korean market revealed that the force of the seat belt was lower than intended. Audi then contacted the supplier of the seat belt assembly where it was informed that a deviation in production of the assembly had caused the issue.

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Involved in the recall are a total of 2,221 Audi A3 models that were built between July 26, 2021 and January 26, 2022. In addition, 363 Audi S3 models built between July 8, 2021 and January 25, 2022 are impacted. Audi is not aware of any warranty claims or customer claims triggered by the issue.

Audi will resolve the issue by simply replacing the driver and front passenger seat belt assemblies. It will also offer a reimbursement plan for any owners that have paid to have the issue resolved before the issuing of this recall. Vehicles manufactured after January 26, 2022 have been built with seat belt assemblies produced with improved joining parameters that ensure they do reach the intended level of retention force.

Both dealerships and owners of impacted vehicles will be notified on or before September 16, 2022. All repairs will be carried out free of charge.


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