See How The Corvette Z06 Has Evolved Through Four Generations On The Track


Chevrolet is as proud of its new C8 Corvette Z06 as any parent ever could be about their newborn. It’s recently released a new video comparing it to the last three generations of the ultimate All-American sports car. Here’s a bit about how the Z06 has gone from super sports car to supercar killer.

Our journey through time is piloted by none other than former Corvette racing driver Oliver Gavin. He’s the same man who’s won the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times. These days he’s got his own driving academy but he took a break to show off the subtle and shocking differences between these cars.

Starting out with the C4, the first Corvette Gavin ever raced, he commends its connection to the road and the sound it emits while doing so. The transition between it and the C6 signaled a shift from tradition.

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The sixth generation ditched the pop-up headlights to the ire of many Vette fans. Chevrolet knew that it needed to break convention if it was going to continue to break lap records and Gavin commented on how much he loves its chassis. The C6 set the stage for a big change while also paying homage to the Corvette shape that had dominated the previous two generations.

Moving onto the C7 Z06, it seems as though the designers at Chevy knew that something really big was coming. Unlike the very gentle evolution of design that took place between the C5 and C6, the C7 is a bombastic shift away from convention. It’s sharper, brazen, and unapologetic about its styling. Gavin compliments its supercharger and the incredible sound that results from 650 horsepower (484 kW).

Still, it’s no match for the new C8 Z06 and that’s almost clear from the moment we hear its distinctive exhaust note. Created by a 5.5-liter flat-plane crank V8, it develops 670 hp and revs to 8,600 rpm. The four cars get a chance to use all of their combined power on the track and the visual is historically significant. This model has come a long way in a relatively short time. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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