Shelby F-150 Driver Won’t Stop Till It’s Broke After Getting Stuck In Concrete


Getting stuck with an all-wheel-drive vehicle is already an embarrassing situation, but a Shelby F-150 driver in Nevada made it even worse for himself, failing to escape from wet concrete.

The incident happened on October 19 in the city of Henderson in Clack Country, Nevada. A bystander caught it on camera which in turn got viral on Reddit. The truck somehow ended up with its front right wheel inside a wet concrete trench, after ignoring the roadblock signs and the machinery parked nearby.

The driver tried to get unstuck by putting it in reverse, but after a little bit of spinning, he switched to drive. A few seconds later, the pickup had both right-hand-side wheels stuck in the trench and literally no way out – at least without the help of a crane.

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Note that this is not a humble F-150, but a modified Shelby F-150 which was produced in a limited number of 600 units and costs $115,000. Besides the flashy bodykit and the 22-inch wheels shod in 35-inch A/T tires, the Shelby comes equipped with Fox 2.5 shocks, a Borla exhaust, and a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 producing as much as 775 hp (578 kW / 786 PS).

The truck didn’t sustain any cosmetic damage, but the spinning wheels must have sent wet concrete all over the brakes, suspension, axles, wheel arches, underbody, and possibly even on the tuned engine. This means that when the concrete dries, the affected components will be ruined, resulting in a high repair bill. Furthermore, as noted by a Reddit user, the concrete itself costs $150 per cubic yard, adding to the cost since the driver will likely have to pay for that as well.


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