Should Ferrari Launch A Modern Homage To The Testarossa Like Lamborghini’s Countach?


This story includes independent renders made by Andras.s.veres that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ferrari.

Few Ferrari models are more iconic than the Testarossa and if the carmaker wants to follow in the footsteps of Lamborghini in launching an homage to one of its most memorable vehicles, the side-strake supercar could be it.

While such a vehicle will likely never see the light of day, talented designer Andras.s.veres on Instagram has imagined what a modern-day Testarossa could look like. As we’re sure you will agree, it looks absolutely superb.

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The classic wedge shape of the Ferrari Testarossa was obviously one of its standout features but both the side strakes and the slatted rear vents also made it unique within the supercar industry. Fittingly, this homage to the Testarossa retains these strakes and rear vents but brings them onto a more up-to-date body.


The front of the concept has been rendered with a shark-like black grille while found on either side of it are fog lights and LED daytime running lights. The main headlights are then featured beneath small covers that open up and slide away.

Much like the original and unlike current Ferrari models, the wing mirrors of the car are mounted relatively high on the A-pillars. The strakes add some extra aggression to the otherwise smooth shapes and soft creases that dominate the sides of the car while found at the rear are slates directly inspired by those of the new limited-run SP3 Daytona. In fact, the modern-day Testarossa also has a similar LED light bar to the SP3 Daytona.


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