Sierra EV Expected To Bring New Customers To GMC, Not Cannibalize Hummer EV Sales


The 2024 GMC Sierra EV appears destined for success, but there are naturally plenty of questions about how it fits into the company’s lineup.

This is understandable as the truck will become GMC’s third electric vehicle as it will arrive after the Hummer EV Pickup and Hummer EV SUV. The former can be seen as a competitor as there’s some price overlap between the two trucks, especially for the $107,000 Sierra EV Denali Edition 1.

GMC officials addressed the issue at a media briefing earlier today and noted the pickups appeal to two very different groups of people. One is the “Denali of EVs,” while the other is a rugged off-roader that is more of a lifestyle vehicle.

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More importantly, the Sierra EV will have a base price of around $50,000. The entry-level Elevation trim will arrive in early 2025 and be roughly $30,000 cheaper than the most affordable Hummer EV Pickup.

While $50,000 isn’t cheap, that’s pretty affordable for an electric truck as the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro begins at $51,974. GMC officials also noted the Sierra’s average transaction price is over $60,000 so the electric pickup is obtainable for their customers.

Speaking of consumers, reservations are expected to echo those for the Hummer EV. If this occurs, roughly 70% of customers would be new to EVs and around 75% would be new to GMC. However, the Sierra EV has “mass appeal in the truck space,” so only time will tell how the percentages math out.

In other news, officials suggested the styling on the Sierra EV previews the shape of things to come.  While only vague hints were given, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the truck’s streamlined face spread to future models.


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