Six-Wheeled Rolls-Royce Phantom Is Part Mad Max And Part Fast And Furious


A bizarre Rolls-Royce Phantom with no less than six wheels was recently snapped at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and has left the internet scratching its head as to what exactly we’re looking at.

The car quite clearly started out life as a Series 1 Phantom but it has undergone a multitude of modifications to make it look unlike anything else on earth. The most obvious change is the inclusion of a third axle at the rear.

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To accommodate the extra axle, it appears that the Rolls-Royce has been lengthened quite considerably. In fact, the trunk lid now appears to be just as sizeable as the large hood, resulting in some very odd proportions. Photos of the car were first shared on Facebook.

Photo Facebook Alper Dmr / luxlifestyle

The individual or company that modified the Phantom didn’t stop with lengthening the car and adding two more wheels. Flared wheel arches have also been crafted for the luxury car, dramatically widening its track. As for the wheels themselves, they have a deep-dish design and are clad in rugged off-road tires but the impossibly thin sidewalls don’t fill us with much hope about its off-roading potential.

Various accessories have been added to the front end, including a small black bull bar while the headlights and taillights have also been tinted yellow. There is also a huge LED light bar mounted to the custom roof rack and a rear fascia with a distinct bumper, a black bull bar, and a central exhaust. The entire car is finished in matte black and it is rocking Luxembourg plates.

It remains unclear who is behind this weird creation but we suspect it is a one-off creation commissioned by someone with very deep pockets. It’s also possible that it has been built for a film or perhaps a TV show.

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Photos Facebook Alper Dmr /


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