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Social Media and Cannabis Retail Marketing

Why Do Dispensaries Get Banned?

There are numerous reasons that cannabis-related Instagram pages get banned there and on other social media platforms. In many cases, dispensaries don’t know the rules and post banned content.

Other times it’s not even necessarily their fault. Hostile dispensaries have been known to target their competition by repeatedly and maliciously reporting them for violating social media platforms terms of use. This can lead to unnecessary and often unfounded shadowbans.

Once your business gets banned or blocked it’s exceedingly hard to get things back to where they were. However, there is a lot you can do to prevent bans on your end. Not to sound like a buzzkill but watch out for these common pitfalls for cannabis social media marketing: 

Stay Away From Appearing To Encourage Sales

Paid advertisements are a no-no because technically dispensaries aren’t allowed to promote commerce of controlled substances on any social media apps. Similarly, avoid using any dollar signs on your pages, as this triggers monitors, both AI and human, to flag your page as trying to encourage sales.

No Cannabis Hashtags

Don’t use hashtags that are directly related to marijuana words. This is a quick way to get in trouble since most platforms deem searchable cannabis terms as pushing controlled adult substances to potentially underage audiences.

Avoid Photos Of Consumption

Do not show people consuming marijuana. As cool as your budtenders look lighting up a hash and goo pre-roll, it will surely get you flagged for inappropriate content. Pop stars might get away with posting blunts on their socials, but they’re probably not using their accounts as a cannabis business.

Don’t Teach People How To Grow

As a cannabis retail entity on Instagram or Facebook, do not teach people how to grow marijuana. There are other opportunities to post educational and informational content on your social media platforms, which we’ll get to later.

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