Someone Didn’t Think That Through At Volkswagenitalia


Choosing a username for your Instagram profile can often be quite a challenge these days. In most cases, the right ones are already taken, and it is hard to come up with something interesting, yet simple and original. The Italian arm of Volkswagen nailed the interesting part but not for the best of reasons.

As noticed by Reddit user VWstig, the username of Volkswagen Italia in the official Instagram profile has a bit of a weird sound to it when you omit the gap between the words. The @Volkswagenitalia includes the word “genitalia” and once you notice it, it is really hard to un-see.

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Having a genital reference on the name of a popular automaker’s social media account is not ideal for the image of the brand. The marketing guys in VW Italia could avoid the confusion by following the example of their German comrades, who opted for the @volkswagen_de that is free of any unwanted references, similar to the French profile that is called @vw_france. However, to Italy’s defense, options including an underscore like the @VW_Italia, @Volkswagen_italia, and @VW_Italy were already taken.

If you are wondering who got the best names, the @Volkswagen username is occupied by VW Europe, while the simpler @VW is taken from the American company. Globalization means that local branches of multinational companies have to come up with their own alternatives for their social media. An exception to that rule is Facebook which merges all of the local pages in one, showing each user content that is based on their current location.

And now let’s get to the point. Who can think of a better Instagram username for Volkswagen Italia? Let’s organize a quick brainstorming session in the comment section below, hoping that the administrator of the @volkswagenitalia will read them.


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