South Carolina Police Ridicule Wanted Man’s One-Wheel Burnout


Police officers aren’t usually big fans of burnouts, especially when drivers decide to do them on public roads with other drivers around. But officers in Timmonsville, South Carolina, while definitely not condoning tire fires, think you ought to at least do it properly to make it worth the ticket they’re going to write you.

This week a post appeared on Timmonsville Police Department’s Instagram page asking for help identifying the owner of a fourth-gen, G-body Chevrolet Monte Carlo who had apparently got a little excited while driving down Main Street. The driver had performed a burnout and the police had pictures of the man, his car and the single black line it had left on the floor. What they didn’t have was a name or license plate.

“Today we are trying to identify a gentleman who is very proud of his car,” the police wrote. “So proud he felt Main Street after Homecoming was an appropriate place to do a burnout.”

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“The Chief wants to speak with him so he can explain where the drag strip is located,” it continued. “And that one one wheel burnouts aren’t impressive.”

We know how they feel. Steve McQueen’s “king of cool” reputation crashes like the UK economy every time I get to that bit of the Bullitt chase when the Mustang overshoots the corner (a mistake left in the finished movie). Steve is forced to back up, before performing an embarrassing one-wheel peel in an effort to catch up with the disappearing Dodge Charger, revealing that his Mustang 390 GT was ordered with an open diff, just like this Monte.

Timmonsville has a population of just 2,320 according to Wikipedia, so something tells us the police in this case shouldn’t have much trouble locating the wanted driver. And maybe they can give give him a Summit Racing catalog along with the ticket.

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