Stellantis Offering Voluntary Buyouts To Many Salaried Employees In The U.S.


Stellantis is offering voluntary buyouts to many of its salaried employees in the United States.

Those salaried employees aged 55 or older are eligible for the buyout if they have been with the car manufacturer for at least 10 years. The deadline for accepting the buyout is December 5.

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Speaking with Reuters, Stellantis said the offer was “part of our transformation to become a sustainable tech mobility company and the market leader in low-emission vehicles.”

Stellantis provided full details about its electrification plan six months ago. The car manufacturer is hoping to cut its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and will do so with the introduction of 25 all-new EVs in the U.S. and another 50 in markets around the world. It is aiming to sell no less than 5 million EVs in 2030. What’s more, Stellantis wants to reach carbon net-zero emissions by 2038, earlier than GM’s 2040 target and Ford’s 2050 target.

The conglomerate believes it can double net revenue by 2030 and generate more than $22 billion in free cash flow by the same date. It also wants to increase global net revenue from countries outside of the U.S. and Europe to 25 percent of total business and expects $22 billion of its revenue to come from the Chinese market. It will also accelerate the growth of online sales and expects them to account for 30 percent of all sales by 2030.


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