Stop Touching My Knob! Ford Designer Mocks GMC For ‘Borrowing’ The Design Of The Sierra EV’s Infotainment System


Ford continues to feel feisty and this time they’re saying ‘hands off my knob!’

In a tweet, designer Ryan McManus mocked GMC for ‘borrowing’ the design of the infotainment system that is found in the Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning. As he tweeted to GM, “We coulda just sent you the CAD file for the Sync Knob, might’ve saved you a few hours work.”

As a number of people have already pointed out, there are a lot of similarities between Ford’s 15.5-inch SYNC 4 infotainment system and the 16.8-inch infotainment system in the 2024 Sierra EV. While GMC’s is larger, both feature a portrait orientation and a circular volume knob near the bottom.

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The similarities don’t end there as both displays have a lower section that is dedicated to climate controls. However, GMC’s system features Google integration, a stylish metal surround, extensive customization, and a split screen capability that enables up to three apps to be shown simultaneously. It also goes without saying, the menus and graphics on GMC’s system appear far more modern.

While there’s little doubt that GMC has been working on the infotainment system for a long time, it’s understandable that Ford officials, several of whom liked the tweet, are feeling a bit miffed. Of course, infotainment similarities should be the least of their concerns as the Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 features a cool midgate, a 350 kW DC fast charging capability, approximately 400 miles (644 km) of range, and a dual-motor all-wheel drive system that is slated to produce 754 hp (562 kW / 764 PS) and 785 lb-ft (1,063 Nm) of torque in Max Power mode.

With numbers like that, Ford appears to be having knob insecurity as the F-150 Lightning maxes out at 580 hp (433 kW / 588 PS) and 775 lb-ft (1,050 Nm) of torque. The truck also has a lower DC fast charging capability as well as a shorter EPA-estimated range of up to 320 miles (515 km).


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