Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This 3,300 HP Dodge Viper Do A 6-Second 1/4 Mile Pass


The Dodge Viper is a super sports car well known for its somewhat violent and raucous nature. What many may not know is that it’s also a highly revered drag racing platform despite sending all of its power to the rear wheels only. If you didn’t know how fast these snakes were before today, this 3,300 hp (2,460 kW) example is about to set the record straight.

Built by the team over at Nth Moto, this twin-turbocharged 2001 Viper sports a stock block and stock heads from a fifth-generation Viper and just completed a 6.68-second quarter mile at 220 mph (354 km/h). That’s a record for the Dodge Viper. It’s a repeatable result too as the video below shows. The team hits 6.85 and 6.96 in other runs with the same car.

What’s perhaps most shocking is that it can run in the Super Street class. That comes down to a number of street-legal components that are still in the car such as the independent suspension at each corner. All total, the car weighed 3,926 pounds with the driver in it on the day it set the record.

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Nth Moto didn’t just get lucky with one car either. This same film shows off another of its creations, a complete fifth-generation Viper with a 9.0-liter engine that can also run a 6.90 quarter-mile time and still has many stock components. It even has cruise control, air conditioning, and its original sound system. It tips the scales at a hefty 4,130 pounds.

Keep in mind that neither car uses nitrous or methanol injection to achieve these remarkable results. One Ethanol R fuel, Garrett 88 mm turbochargers, MoTeC electronics, and a handful of other modifications along with excellent tuning are the keys to their success.

We can talk about stats all day but seeing any of these Vipers go drag racing so fast is something to behold. The speed at which they accelerate is simply outstanding.


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