Terrifying dashcam footage has been shared online that shows the moment a silver BMW 5-Series clipped an SUV, causing it to roll several times.

Video of the crash was recently posted to Reddit. It initially starts by showing an unidentified black sedan and the silver 5-Series speeding along a highway in New York. The two cars can be seen swerving through traffic but the BMW driver made a terrible mistake while trying to overtake a dark SUV.

Rather than making a smooth overtake, the 5-Series driver clips the front of the SUV. The force of this impact sends the SUV directly into one of the crash barriers on the side of the highway, causing the vehicle to roll multiple times before it comes to a rest on its wheels, completely destroyed.

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All while this is happening, the silver BMW can be seen spinning around but appears to avoid making contact with any of the barriers. As if the 5-Series driver’s blatant disregard for the health and safety of others wasn’t on clear enough display for causing the crash, they then proceed to hit the gas and flee the scene.

The cammer briefly chases the BMW noting down its license plate before deciding that pursuing it any further probably isn’t the best idea.

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The Redditor says that 911 was called immediately after the crash and that the occupants inside the SUV were injured but fortunately, they were not killed.