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Take A Tour Of Richard Hammond’s Secret Car Barn


Richard Hammond has accrued quite an enviable collection of cars over the years and in a tour of his secret collection housed in a British barn, has showcased some vehicles that you may not have known he owns.

The barn is filled with lots of little car ‘bubbles’ that help to keep the prized items that they house nice and clean. The first vehicle showcased by Hammond isn’t a car at all and is instead a Suzuki GSX-R 1100 that Hammond has ridden for some 6,000 miles.

Sitting next to the bike is Hammond’s 1969 Ford Mustang, still painted in its original shade of Highland Green with silver racing stripes. The TV presenter has owned it for approximately 15 years and is in love with not only the way it looks but also says it is heaps of fun to drive.

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Hammond’s collection also houses a Jaguar XK150 that he shop restored and is painted in Dove Gray with a stunning red leather interior. He is especially fond of its stunning straight-six engine. Some cars have been removed from Hammond’s collection, however, including his Porsche 911T, Lotus Esprit 350 Sport, and a Bentley that he sold to purchase some of the equipment needed at his workshop.

Elsewhere, there is a Jaguar XK120 in Hammond’s collection that is in dire need of restoration. The Grand Tour host also owns a Series 1 Land Rover Defender but it is nothing more than a collection of parts hidden in the corner of his barn, eagerly awaiting a rebuild. Other cars found in the barn including a 1972 MG GTB that was the final car that Hammond drove on Top Gear, a green Buick Riviera, and a number of classic motorcycles.


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