Technology to Improve Efficiency in Your Biology Lab


Biology lab technicians rely on technology to perform their daily tasks. You won’t need to walk far into a lab to spot various machines and devices on the benches or around the sides of the room.

Having up-to-date tech can reduce overall costs by streamlining multiple processes at once. Whether it’s the mixing of chemicals, the monitoring of cell growth in a culture, or the analysis of experimental data, technology can make things quicker and easier in the lab.

Great technology can also improve the accuracy and precision of data points. The science lovers of you who have studied biology in the past or currently work in the field will know how important both of these things are when you are gathering scientific data.

Regardless of the function of the biology lab, there are certain pieces of technology that every biology lab can use to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Electronic Notebooks

Most biology labs are moving away from using paper notes. With the invention of electronic notebooks, such as SciNote, it’s never been easier to store all of your experimental data in one place.

Having electronic copies of notes is beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Increased safety as electronic notes aren’t as prone to getting wet or lost as paper notes

  • Reduced store space required as everything can be stored on one device

  • Increased efficiency as notes can be quickly typed out during an experiment

  • Increase accuracy of recorded data

  • Easier sharing of data and improved collaborative abilities

  • Easier for everybody to read the notes as handwriting legibility is not an issue


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