Tell Us The Most Annoying Thing Car Salesmen Say


Here at Carscoops, we regularly report on shady dealer tactics but perhaps with this question of the day, we can help to educate dealerships as a whole. What are the most annoying things that dealership salespeople say? As a former car salesman and repair shop manager I bet I know a few of them.

“It’s cheap insurance…” This phrase is often uttered during the finalization of the sale as the dealer is trying to get the buyer to pay for additional services or add-ons that are completely optional. Just one example is an aftermarket warranty program, for which most dealers get some sort of kickback from the warranty provider.

“I’ve got something that’s just a little more than that…” or “how would you feel about …” If you’ve ever heard this is likely because the dealership salesperson believes that you probably have deeper pockets than your proclaimed budget might indicate and they’re hoping to talk you into something with bigger margins.

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Obviously fake compliments. Once a person has even the most basic social skills it’s fairly easy for them to spot insincere compliments. Despite that, salespeople in general are well-known for their “lay it on thick” conversational approach with regard to potential customers. “You’re getting a great deal” is likewise something that you really don’t want to hear.

“I’m going to have a chat with my manager.” In my time as a salesperson, this was the go-to comment any time the sales team needed to have more than a moment to consider how to respond to a customer’s comment or offer. Sure, there were a few times when managers would make a judgment call and change something up but it was rare and often unnecessary.

Are you sure about this option, that option, or that decision? This question is perhaps one of the most patronizing things that a car salesperson can utter. Sure, it’s plausible that the person standing to make hundreds if not thousands on a potential sale is actually most concerned about you… but if that’s the case then there are better ways to communicate that desire.

These are just a few of the potential landmines that automotive salespeople can step on. Still, we’re quite confident that there are a lot more. What are the ones that make you want to turn around and walk back to the car that you rolled into the lot with? Let us know in the comments below!


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