Tesla Cybertruck To Enter Mass Production At The End Of 2023, Says Report


A new report says that Tesla plans to put the Cybertruck into “mass production” starting at the end of 2023. Recent photographs and videos surrounding Cybertruck production seemed to indicate that it was drawing close. If this new report is true it would mean that reservation holders have at least another full year to wait before they get a truck that was initially promised in late 2021.

When the truck was first revealed back in 2019, CEO Elon Musk set high expectations for the angular EV. After missing multiple deadlines and recently announcing that pricing would change, this latest report is all too familiar. Reuters says that it’s communicated with two people who have knowledge of the plan to start mass production of the Cybertruck at the end of 2023.

Last month, multiple pictures and videos leaked showing progress toward Cybertruck production. The Cybertruck Giga Press, one of the central pieces of the vehicle’s production, was shown packaged up and headed to the production line in Texas. Videos of the Cybertruck with an updated taillight design have also made their way to the web.

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Elon Musk has most recently been quoted as saying that Cybertruck production would begin in “mid-2023”. This new report corroborates that saying that “early production” will begin in that same time span. Ultimately, it would be quite a while before Tesla could hope to turn a profit on the opinion-splitting pickup truck.

According to the EV maker, it’s secured more than a million orders for the truck. That’s a lot of customers that could be rightfully dismayed at all of the delays and changes that have come about since the initial specs on the Tesla Cybertruck were announced. To date, Tesla has yet to announce finalized pricing, trim details, or production specs.

It’s worth noting that before production can begin, the production lines themselves must be complete. That includes not just the line at Giga Texas but also the Cybertruck battery pack which comes from Tesla’s Fremont, California factory.


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