Tesla Hikes Prices Of Most Models From $2,000 To $6,000 In The Wake Of Supply Issues


Almost every vehicle in Tesla’s lineup is more expensive today than it’s ever been after a new price increase. The move comes after a slew of supply chain issues and some interesting comments from CEO Elon Musk as well. Here’s a breakdown of exactly how much you’ll pay if you’re about to pull the trigger on a new Tesla.

Tesla Model Y

The smallest price bump in the bunch belongs to the Model Y Performance which has risen from $67,990 to $69,990, or $2,000 in total. The Long Range trim rose by $3,000 to a new total of $65,990.

Tesla Model 3

The base Model 3 has remained unchanged at $46,990 and the Performance model is also unaffected at $62,990. The Long Range model has gone up by $2,500 to a grand total of $57,990. These increases somewhat pale in comparison to those on the Model S and Model X.

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Tesla Model S And X

The Tesla S sedan now officially starts at over six figures with a price of $104,990 for the Dual Motor AWD Long Range version. That’s $5,000 more than it was previously at $99,990. The Model X Dual Motor Long Range had the biggest bump of $6,000 bringing its total to $120,990.

This is already the second time Tesla has increased prices this year alone. Back in March, the company jacked up the price of the Model S by $5,000. That’s a $10,000 total increase just this year and that’s not even the largest of its kind. The Model X saw a $10,000 increase in that March update.

Model X Price Has Increased By $16,000 From The Beginning Of 2022!

That means that if you had been contemplating the purchase of a Model X since the start of the year, you’d pay at least $16,000 more today than you would have in January. This isn’t all inflation either. Elon Musk has recently said a great deal about cutting payroll at Tesla, supply chain shortages, factory slowdowns, and his personal fears of a recession so this move shouldn’t feel too shocking.

It does bring home an important point though. Tesla vehicles can and do see price increases at somewhat regular and sometimes random intervals so if you really want one, there’s a built-in incentive to buy sooner rather than later.


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