Tesla Issues Another Recall In China, Impacting Over 435,000 Model 3s And Model Ys


Tesla will soon recall more than 435,000 vehicles across China, just a week after it recalled 80,561 vehicles in the country due to battery management software and seatbelt issues.

China’s State Administration for Market Regulation has revealed that 142,277 Model 3 sedans and 292,855 Model Y SUVs may have a software defect that stops the rear lights on the car from illuminating.

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This is not a new issue for Tesla. Last month, it recalled 321,628 vehicles in the United States due to the same problem. An investigation revealed that a firmware anomaly could cause false fault detections during vehicle startup, potentially causing one or both of the taillights to fail to illuminate.

Fortunately for Tesla, the affected models in China do not need any mechanical fixes to resolve the issue and a software update will be introduced to fix the issue remotely, CNBC reports.

The first recall confirmed by Tesla in China last month was related to a battery management system for cars built between September 25, 2013, and November 21, 2020, which could also be fixed through a free software update.

The second recall is a little more complex. In 2,736 Model 3s imported between January 12 and November 22, 2022, as well as 10,127 Model 3s made in China between October 14, 2019, and September 26, 2022, one of the seatbelts may have been installed incorrectly. As such, owners have been instructed to take their vehicles to a local Tesla location where the belts will be checked and reinstalled if necessary.


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