Tesla Model S And X Owners Will Finally Be Able To Play Steam Games In Their Cars


Tesla announced its new “Holiday Update,” this week, which adds long-awaited features, such as the ability to play a wider variety of video games through the Steam store, as well as the addition of an embedded Apple Music app.

In a video published by the automaker, a driver can be seen picking up a controller and playing the game Cyberpunk 2077 through the vehicle’s infotainment screen. Tesla said, in its release notes, that Steam integration will be available to owners of the Model S and X from the model year 2022 or newer with 16 GB of RAM.

In the video promoting the feature, Tesla says that owners will be able to use wireless controllers (the one in the clip appears to be from a PlayStation 5) to play thousands of games on Steam.

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In addition, the update also adds Apple Music to the vehicles. Long a request from Tesla owners, the automaker has previously teased that the app may be added to its vehicles. The latest hint, though not an official teaser, came from the Tesla exhibit at the Petersen Museum, where the app was seen in a vehicle’s infotainment system.

The automaker has also added the ability to make Zoom calls from the cabin camera within its vehicles. On top of that, owners will be able to use the camera to look inside the car while it’s in Dog or Sentry Mode, which should presumably allow you to check on your pets if they’re waiting for you while you run an errand.

Moving from the impressive, through the practical, and past the useful, we now arrive in the land of the silly. With this new update, Tesla has added a Light Show mode, which allows multiple Tesla vehicles to simultaneously create an orchestrated light show, seemingly to a musical score.

Alrighty, then.


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