Tesla Model Y Gains Two New Multi-Layer Paint Options In Europe And Middle East


Tesla announced two new shades for the Model Y – the Quicksilver and the Midnight Cherry Red – which are exclusively available in Europe and in the Middle East.

The new exterior colors are made from a “highly-pigmented metallic paint” which changes appearance depending on the viewing angle and lighting conditions. Elon Musk retweeted Tesla’s announcement adding that the new shades can only be applied in Giga Berlin’s paint shop due to their multiple layers.

According to the official configurator, the Quicksilver option costs €3,000 ($2,935) and the Midnight Cherry Red €3,200 ($3,130). Those prices make them more expensive than the colors they replace, Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multi-Coat options which sold for €1,600 ($1,565) and €2,000 ($1,957) respectively.

The new color options appear to make the Model Y look more premium, thanks to their deeper shadows and reflections. In addition, the new shades can only be specified in dual-motor trims of the Model Y (Long Range and Performance), with the base-spec model retaining the old color palette.

Midnight Cherry Red was also the color of Elon Musk’s personal Roadster, which was launched into space back in 2018.

We don’t know yet if Tesla will eventually offer the Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red to other regions.

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