Tesla Offering $3,750 Discount On Model 3s And Model Ys Delivered This Month


Tesla is offering a $3,750 discount on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles that are delivered in the United States until the end of December.

While Elon Musk has previously said that the car manufacturer does not offer discounts, it is now doing exactly that for the Model 3 and Model Y, likely for a number of reasons.

For starters, Tesla is likely looking to encourage buyers to take delivery of a new vehicle this month rather than wait until next year when new federal tax credit regulations will be introduced through President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. As Electrek notes, if customers take delivery now, Tesla won’t have to sit on a large inventory of unsold vehicles at the end of the fourth quarter.

Additionally, Tesla is experiencing a higher-than-usual number of cancellations in the United States. Long wait times are thought to be a key factor behind these cancellations with individual circumstances changing from when an order is placed to when a delivery is scheduled. Many shoppers are also keen to delay delivery until next year when the new EV tax credit is enforced, allowing them to receive a discount of up to $7,500.

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A browse through Tesla’s current inventory reveals that there are plenty of Model 3s and Model Ys available for delivery this month. The cheapest Model 3s available for immediate delivery start at $49,990 while the cheapest Model Ys kick off from $68,990.

Tesla has increased U.S. prices of its vehicles on a number of occasions throughout the year, so much so that the Model 3 now starts at more than $10,000 above its original launch price. This year alone, prices of the Model X have also increased by some $16,000.

Tesla obviously hopes that this small discount will drive up sales and deliveries before 2022 comes to a close.


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