Tesla Semi Prototype Breaks Down Just Six Weeks Before Deliveries Start


Tesla is set to commence deliveries of the all-electric Semi on December 1 but before that happens, one prototype was recently snapped broken down near a highway in Fremont, California.

This particular prototype was filmed by a fellow trucker but it is difficult to say exactly what happened. It is possible that the truck simply ran out of battery or it may have suffered some kind of mechanical issue. Whatever the case may be, a Tesla Service van is parked directly behind it, as is a large tow truck and another semi.

If this prototype did indeed suffer some kind of failure, Tesla would be wise to quickly get to the bottom of it to ensure that production models are free from as many issues as possible. After all, the Tesla Semi will be primarily delivered to large corporations that will put their electric hauler to the ultimate test and they may not be as forgiving of issues as Tesla enthusiasts are.

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Elon Musk only recently confirmed that deliveries of the Tesla Semi would start on December 1 and that the first examples would be handed over to PepsiCo. Deliveries will come five years after the Semi was first unveiled to the world and Auto News speculates that the signing of Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act may have prompted Tesla to speed up production plans for their Semi.

Indeed, Musk had previously indicated that the Semi was on hold because of difficulties in sourcing enough batteries for it. However, mere days after the Inflation Reduction Act was signed with a provision for commercial EVs to be eligible for tax incentives of up to $40,000, Musk said that shipments of the Semi would soon start.

It remains unclear how many Tesla Semi trucks will be delivered to PepsiCo nor how many will be delivered this year.



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