Tesla Semi Shows Off Impressive Acceleration In New Videos


Elon Musk has famously said that Tesla doesn’t make slow cars. Nevertheless, one of its near-production Semi prototypes might be the best example of that mantra to date. Seen recently making the rounds in Nevada, one such example seems to pull away from a stop sign at a speed that only a Tesla Semi seems to be capable of.

Posted on Twitter by noted Tesla enthusiast @HinrichsZane, the short video shows a Tesla Semi approaching a stop sign, coming to a complete stop, and then rocketing off uphill so quickly that it seems otherworldly.

Zanegler as he goes by on Twitter doesn’t give us too much context about the video other than to say that it takes place “round-about Silver Springs.” Accelerating at such speed is impressive regardless of whether or not that trailer in tow is loaded down at all or not. Tesla says that unloaded, the truck can do 0-60 in as little as 5-seconds.

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With a full load, which is 82,000 pounds (nearly 37,200 kg), it’s supposed to be capable of the same feat in 20 seconds. Sure, that sounds slow compared to the average car these days but many diesel semi-trucks can take more than 60 seconds to achieve that sort of speed. Other videos also posted by Zanegler show the truck passing others on the highway. While speed certainly isn’t the paramount quality of a semi-truck, it’s still an important feature.

On top of that, how many of us have wished that a semi-truck could overtake and then get out of the left lane more quickly? If these videos are any indication, all-electric semi-trucks like the Tesla Semi might reduce highway congestion in that manner. If all goes according to plan, a few of these trucks will be on the road before the year is out.

Tesla plans to deliver its first production Semis to PepsiCo on December 1st. Back in 2017, when the Tesla Semi was announced, the multinational brand placed an order for 100 trucks.


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