Tesla Smashes Monthly Record Of Chinese-Built Models After Shanghai Gigafactory Upgrade


Tesla has broken its own record for deliveries of Chinese-made vehicles, with the American automaker being some 8 percent up on the previous total. A report released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) confirmed the news, with the company delivering 83,135 units from its Shangai factory in September.

Two types of Tesla are made at the Shanghai plant: the Model 3, and the Model Y. In addition to domestic sales, Chinese-made Teslas are exported to Europe and Australia.

September’s figures break the previous highest output for the company set in June, by nearly 4,000 units. It also marks a swift turnaround for the company, which, like many other manufacturers in China, has battled Covid lockdowns, supply chain bottlenecks, and heatwaves in the recent past.

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“The record high sales of China-made Tesla cars showed electric vehicles have been leading the mobility trend,” Tesla said in a brief statement reported by Reuters. However, the manufacturer is still some way behind market leader BYD, which recorded 200,973 wholesale sales in September — a figure some 15 percent higher than the previous month.

Despite 2022 seeing some models costing $15,000 more than they did at the start of the year, Chinese sales are likely to have been bolstered by Tesla’s insurance incentives which have been offered since September. Plus, the brand’s Ownership Loyalty Program, offered to Chinese customers, offers deep discounts to those who want to trade in their old Tesla for a new one.

Despite the record, expect more from Tesla in the future. While most production at the Shanghai Gigafactory was curtailed in July due to an upgrade, today the plant remains at just 93 percent operational capacity — and is expected to remain like that until the new year. Why production has been uncharacteristically throttled is yet unknown.


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