Tesla Wants To Sell You A Pair Of $75 Tequila Sipping Glasses


As Tesla has millions of loyal followers all around the world, it can launch virtually any product and know that there’s a good chance said product will sell out. So, here we are, writing about a new Tesla product that has nothing to do with electric vehicles and is instead a pair of tequila sipping glasses.

Two years ago, Tesla launched its own tequila, aptly named Tesla Tequila and costing a chilly $250. Its 100 per cent agave spirit proved popular and the company has decided now is the right time to sell a set of sipping glasses. In typical Tesla fashion, they aren’t cheap as a set of two costs an eye-twitching $75.

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The triangular shape of the sipping glasses is inspired by the lightning bolt shape of Tesla Tequila and both sit side-by-side in a little metal stand which looks a bit like an upside-down T. The curious shape of the sipping glasses means they cannot stand up on their own and have to be placed in the stand. That’s more than a little inconvenient and means you’ll have to always ensure the stand is close by.

“Savor your favorite liquor with a limited edition set of Tesla Sipping Glasses,” Tesla’s description of the glasses reads. “Inspired by Tesla Tequila’s unique silhouette, each glass is designed with angular contours and an engraved Tesla logo. Display your glassware proudly in a matching metal stand.”

Each glass holds 1.5oz and is 3.5-inches tall.

A number of random lifestyle items are available through the Tesla Shop. These include a ‘Tesla….& Chill Blanket,’ a Giga Texas Belt Buckle, a Cybertruck-inspired whistle, and a $70 wireless phone charger.

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