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Teslas Could Be Getting Apple Music In The Near Future


After years of being without it, Tesla looks to be adding a certain music streaming service to their vehicles in the not-too-distant future: Apple Music.

The feature was spotted on a new Model S at the Petersen Museum’s Tesla exhibit by Twitter user Aaron Cash. The display car in the exhibit features a fully operational infotainment system, and upon playing with it, it was found that it came loaded with Apple Music.

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More specifically, it was running Apple Music’s features on the native Tesla music player, rather than the actual Apple Music app itself. As for what version of Tesla’s operating system this feature came with, the car was reportedly running a developer version with the version number 2022.40.50. Should we see Apple Music come to Tesla vehicles, it will be one of the last music streaming services to be offered on the cars, following others like Spotify and Tidal.

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The Tesla release notes were also shared by another Twitter user who goes by Tesla Raj, and they mention that in order to access Apple Music over cellular or Wi-Fi, in addition to the obvious Apple Music subscription, you’ll also need Tesla‘s Premium Connectivity subscription, which costs users $9.99 per month or $99 per year. In his tweet, he speculates that the official rollout of the app will come with the v11 holiday update, so it seems we won’t have to wait long.


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