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Tesla’s Full Self-Driving 10.69.3 Update Is Full Of Big Changes


Tesla customers who have Full Self-Driving technology can be on the lookout for a new update with a lot of big improvements. As of late October 31, FSD Beta version 10.69.3 is rolling out to a small subset of customers. It’s one of the most comprehensive and deep updates to the software in some time.

Elon Musk hinted that a big update was coming during his last quarterly earnings call saying “Next week. It’s actually a major release, so a lot more internal testing is needed before going to public beta.” First posted on Twitter by user @WholeMarsBlog, the list of enhancements is vast.

Vehicle velocity, lane selection, and vulnerable road users (VRU) are all major focuses in the update. For example, the update includes better accuracy and lower velocity error of crossing vehicles, and improved VRU precision by 20 percent. Tesla says that the update reduces crossing pedestrian velocity error by six percent as well.

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Many of the improvements in the update are attributed to converting networks to two-stage networks which reduces latency and improves function at the same time. Others, like adding a “road markings” module to the Vector Lanes neural network work to improve the way FSD chooses and maintains its lane. Cars with FSD engaged should experience fewer unnatural slowdowns too.

Musk has bet big on his camera-centric FSD technology. In the same call mentioned above he said that he expects to have enough data in the next year to show regulators that FSD is safer than the average human. Tesla will soon open up FSD Beta to everyone who buys it in the USA or Canada. That additional data could aid the company in proving its roadworthiness.

Notably, updates for FSD are different than the over-the-air (OTA) updates that arrive for Tesla vehicles. For example, just last week, OTA 2022.40.1 added faster charging, a new Driver Door Unlock Mode, and other features unrelated to FSD. Just like in previous updates to FSD, we expect 10.69.3 to go out to around 1,000 users for a limited time before it’s sent to the rest of customers.


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