The 2022 Toyota Tundra’s Rear Axle Assembly Could Separate Compromising Stability And Braking Performance


More than 46,000 Toyota Tundra and Tundra Hybrid models are being recalled in the United States due to an issue with the rear axle assembly.

Toyota has revealed that Tundra models in question are fitted with a rear axle assembly that incorporates an axle housing, axle shaft sub-assemblies, and a differential carrier assembly. Each axle shaft sub-assembly is then secured to the axle housing using studs and flange nuts but an investigation has revealed these nuts can loosen over time and fall off.

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If this were to happen, one or both of the axle shaft sub-assemblies will begin to separate from the axle housing. Vehicles being driven with loosened nuts may vibrate and owners may notice an abnormal noise and/or observe a differential oil leak. If an axle shaft sub-assembly separates, vehicle stability and braking performance will be compromised, increasing the risk of an accident.

A total of 46,176 vehicles are involved in the recall, consisting of Tundra Hybrid models built between March 15, 2022 and June 7, 2022 and standard Tundra models manufactured from November 2, 2021 to June 13, 2022. Toyota notes that the issue only impacts these specific Tundra models as the faulty rear axle shaft sub-assemblies were only used at a certain assembly plant, meaning other 2022 Tundra models built outside these dates are not impacted.

Toyota notified dealerships of the recall on June 24 and will notify owners between July 15 and July 29. Owners will be asked to return their vehicle to a dealership where the rear axle assembly will be inspected and the axle flange nuts retightened. Any vehicles that have axle-related damage will have components replaced.


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