The 2024 Ford Mustang S650 Works Surprisingly Well As A Four-Door Coupe


This is an independent design study by Sugar Design that is neither related to nor endorsed by Ford.

Does the world need a Ford Mustang sedan? While such a vehicle would no doubt upset many diehard Mustang enthusiasts, it could also expand the appeal of the performance car and mark Ford’s return to the sedan market. Heck, if Ford can get away with morphing the Mustang into an electric crossover, why not a sedan too?

The idea of a Mustang sedan isn’t new but it became more realistic when Ford quietly dropped a sketch of such a car during the launch of the seventh-generation pony car. This sketch prompted Sugar Design to imagine what a Mustang sedan could look like and now, he has returned with another set of renderings.

These renderings showcase the Mustang sedan from all angles and much to our surprise, the car’s design works very well when morphed into an elongated four-door.

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Sugar Design

Ford wouldn’t need to make any adjustments to the front fascia and the changes only really start along the sides where you’ll find shortened front doors and a set of rear doors. To clean up the look of the car, Sugar Design has also removed the Mustang’s traditional door handles and replaced them with ones that sit flush with the bodywork.

The overall shape of the sedan is very similar to the Mustang fastback, although it is now slightly longer, as is the wheelbase. The rear is very similar to the two-door but due to the fitment of a longer rear window, the decklid is much smaller.


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