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The Audi R8 Is Set To Transform Into An All-Electric Supercar

The successor to the Audi R8 is shaping up to be an all-electric supercar and is tipped to launch in the middle of the decade.

Speculation about the future of the R8 has been rife in recent years with the latest reports indicating that it will go down the all-electric route. This fits with Audi’s broader electrification plans and will allow it to be positioned as the brand’s halo model once it only starts introducing EVs from 2026.

Technical specifications about the model are not yet known at this stage. However, Autocar suggests that it could be based on the SSP Sport platform that Audi co-developed with Porsche and which will soon replace the J1 architecture of the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT. It is also possible that Audi could opt for the electric sports car platform being developed for the electric Porsche Cayman and Boxster that will see the batteries stacked vertically behind the seats.

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The question of performance also remains unanswered at this early stage. Audi would most likely fit the car with a pair of electric motors and ensure it has more grunt than the RS E-Tron GT with its 637 hp. Given that the horsepower figures of Audi’s other future EVs will likely swell in the coming years, we wouldn’t be shocked for the R8’s successor to hit the market with over 800 hp, a number that could grow with subsequent variants.

Speaking to Autocar about the car, Audi Sport boss Sebastian Grams said he is pushing for an all-electric R8 successor but noted the car has yet to be confirmed for production.

“I’m fighting for [an R8 successor] and so are the board of Audi,” he said. “We are looking at different kinds of concepts, and the direction is electrified. If I get my wish, it will be an R8 that’s electric. And if you do a super-sports car, then it’s a two-door concept.”

Regardless of what the future holds for the R8, Grams said that Audi will ensure it has just as much craftsmanship as the current car, which is largely handbuilt.

“Absolutely we will keep craftsmanship as it’s what makes the car unique from the rest of the portfolio,” he confirmed. “If we bring an R8 successor, we will try to continue to do that. It is important for the customer. There’s love inside an R8.”

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