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The Cannabis Tracking Tech for Dispensary Retail


Metrc API

Metric offers an open API that integrates with smart POS systems, such as KORONA POS, to seamlessly upload your daily sales into their system. While it is possible to manually enter data into Metrc, this integrated feature streamlines your compliance, removing the possibility of human errors that could lead to costly run-ins with state monitoring bodies. In addition, it cuts out unnecessary labor costs for data entry. 


Really, only vertically-integrated marijuana enterprises will be required to use business-facing seed-to-sale software. If you are operating a consolidated cannabis business that cultivates, processes, packages, and sells your product completely in-house, you will need to shop around for a seed-to-sale system such as BioTrack

As far as retail-only dispensary businesses are concerned, their seed-to-sale necessities revolve around keeping track of all of their inventory, and synching up their product and sales data  with Metrc or whatever govern track and trace 

Metrc Training For Budtenders

Dispensary employees must register and train with Metrc’s free and extensive virtual orientation program. In addition, a dispensary owner will need to go through a Metrc account manager certification. All of this must be completed after licensing and before your first sale. 

Fortunately, Metrc offers a “free” training program for marijuana industry workers. As long as you’re paying your dues and maintaining an active membership, Metrc will help train your staff in all aspects of working with their software and hardware.


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