The Dashboard Console On Some Porsche 911s May Break When The Airbag Goes Off


Porsche is recalling 53 vehicles in America because of a leather dashboard cover that could detach in the event of an accident. The automaker is particularly concerned about what happens when the airbag goes off.

The issue affects model year 2022-2023 Porsche 911s made between September 13 and November 29, 2022. According to the automaker, the adhesive used on the airbag lid may not meet the requirements of the production process.

Porsche first became aware of this issue in mid-October, 2022, when it ran an instrument panel conformity test and had results that deviated from specification during a high temperature trial, suggesting that this may be of particularl concern to owners in warmer climes.

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The flaw was located on the cover of the airbag on the passenger-side of the vehicle, and Porsche analyzed its findings through November. It found that the problem could have an adverse effect on airbag deployment.

Naturally, that’s an issue. If the airbag cannot deploy properly, it could increase the risk of an injury during an accident. According to documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the panel may also “break and separate,” which sounds like a rather alarming

As a result of this problem, Porsche took the decision to initiate a recall campaign on November 30. The automaker will begin notifying dealers of the issue on December 21, and will start reaching out to owners on February 3, 2023.

Those customers will be asked to take their vehicle back to the nearest dealership where a technician will completely replace their dashboard unit. As with other components made outside the defined production batch, the adhesive will have been applied correctly on the new parts, meaning that this issue should not present itself again.


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