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The EV Transition Is Slower Than It Seems And Only A Few States Are Doing The Heavy Lifting In The USA

The general consensus around the automotive world seems to be that the transition to EVs is in full swing. However, new data seems to suggest otherwise. Not only do EVs make up less than one percent of registered vehicles in the USA but only a handful of states are making a dent in the market.

The study conducted by Axios uses data provided by S&P Global Global Mobility as its foundation. It tells a much bleaker and slow-moving story about transitioning away from fossil fuels than most realize. In May, 4.6 percent of all new vehicles registered in America were EVs. That’s more than double what it was in May of 2021 but despite that, just 0.6 percent of all registered vehicles in the country are all-electric.

Of course, that’s taking into account every single vehicle including used vehicles. There’s a good chance that the transition will continue to speed up as more models become available over the course of the next few years. There were 46 EVs on the market in May and S&P Global expects there to be 63 before the year is out. At the same time, more states will need to be willing to adopt the technology.

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Unsurprisingly, California leads the nation in EV adoption with almost 39 percent of all registered electric vehicles. Florida comes in second place with 6.7 percent of all registered EVs in the country and Texas rounds out the top trio with 5.4 percent. Only Washington (4.4 percent) and New York (3.6 percent) have more than 3.5 percent in their own states.

Again though, when we talk about the percentage of EVs on the road compared to the total number of vehicles, not just new ones, the numbers are pretty low. Less than 2 percent of the vehicles registered in California are all-electric.

Are you surprised to hear how slowly EV adoption is taking place or does this pace sound right? Certainly, with the creation of more EV infrastructure, the transition will speed up but it sounds like we’re quite a ways off from cutting gasoline out of our lives.

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