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The EVs At Porsche’s Headquarters Will Be Powered By Solar Power As Of 2023

Porsche Cars North America announced today that it has partnered with Cherry Street Energy to install a solar power microgrid at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The grid will be used to power the site’s fleet of all-electric Porsche Taycans that visitors can drive at the Experience Center. One of two in the U.S. and 10 worldwide, the center allows members of the public to experience the brand’s sports cars on a private, closed racetrack.

In addition, Porsche says that the microgrid will supply its headquarters with most of the energy it needs in a year. Cherry Street Energy estimates that the solar array will generate 2,050 megawatt hours of power annually, enough to power 191 average American homes.

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That green power will reduce Porsche‘s annual CO2 emissions by 3.2 million pounds per year, or roughly the equivalent of avoiding 3.6 million miles of driving by the average passenger vehicle.

“Powering our North American home and our Taycan fleet through harnessing Georgia sunshine makes perfect sense, and is a great demonstration of our commitment to sustainability,” said Kjell Gruner, President and CEO of PCNA. “This solar project contributes to the overall sustainability targets of Porsche AG. In 2030, Porsche aims to be CO₂ net neutral across the entire value chain and life cycle of newly sold vehicles.”

Cherry Street Energy expects to have the solar microgrid up and running by 2023. That will kick off a 25-year operating agreement between it and Porsche Cars North America. The solar panels themselves will be mounted on the roofs of new and existing buildings as well over the staging areas by the Experience Center’s two tracks, where customers start their drives.

“The Cherry Street Energy team welcomes the opportunity to partner with Porsche on this innovative infrastructure program, leading the transition to reliable, renewable electricity,” said Michael Chanin, founder and CEO of Cherry Street Energy.

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