The Facelifted Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Getting A Digital Instrument Cluster


Not long after new images of the facelifted Alfa Romeo Giulia surfaced online and shows its redesigned headlights in full, the interior of a prototype has been snapped and it shows an important new feature.

This photo was recently shared to the Alfisti page on Facebook and was snapped while a Giulia prototype was on the move. While most of the interior is not visible, what we can see is that it features a digital instrument cluster, something that the outgoing model is lacking.

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Digital instrument clusters have exploded in popularity in recent years, so much so that it’s now hard to find a premium vehicle that doesn’t come with one. The current Giulia’s gauge cluster consists of two traditional circular gauges and a small central screen. This image shows that it will have at least one circular gauge that is a screen but it doesn’t show if the entire cluster is digital or just part of it. We think it is likely the same all-digital cluster as the new Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV will be used.

As for the rest of the updated Giulia, we know that it will include redesigned headlights with more defined inner elements similar to those of the Tonale. Prototypes recently snapped have also sported black tape across their taillights, indicating that they too will be updated.

Alfa Romeo has not said when the tweaked Giulia will debut, nor when we will see the facelifted Stelvio. However, we suspect it will be unveiled later this year or in early 2023 and hit the North American market as either a 2023MY or 2024MY.

The Italian car manufacturer is expected to continue selling the Giulia and Stelvio until around 2027, when it morphs into an all-electric brand.


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