The GMC Hummer EV Can Cost You Over $100 To Charge, Still Better Than Its Gas Daddy


The GMC Hummer EV is a gigantic vehicle with huge aspirations. Of course, it also has an equally gigantic battery but even at its worst, it’s not going to cost as much to completely top off as the old SUV did. At the same time, it won’t be cheap either as one YouTuber recently found out.

Internal combustion vehicles with bigger fuel tanks cost more to fill up than those with smaller ones. So it comes as no surprise that a larger battery pack, like the hefty one inside of the Hummer EV, leads to a bigger bill at the electric vehicle charging station. For Kyle Conner with Out of Spec Reviews, it cost them $96.89 before fees and taxes at an Electrify America charger. There’s more to the story though.

That price was for a total of 224 kWh worth of power to charge the 212 kWh battery pack in the Hummer EV from 0% all the way up to 100%. It took 152 minutes or a little over two and a half hours. If that sounds like a massive amount of time compared to most other EVs, that also comes down to the size of the battery pack.

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On average, most mainstream EVs on the market today have a battery pack that’s half the size, around 100 kWh compared to the GMC Hummer EV. That’s in part why so many of them can use DC fast charging stations to go from very little battery, say 10% up to 80% or more in less than 45 minutes. Most Hummer EV owners won’t pay anywhere near as much as we see in the video to charge up though.

That cost is without any incentive or any sort of membership. Tack on the very cheapest of those and one can expect to do this same charging session for around $70. Other memberships can drop that down below $40 and it gets even better if one tops off at home. There, where the national average for charging is $0.13 kWh, this would cost somewhere around $30. That’s pretty incredible considering how big and capable the Hummer EV is.

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