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The Electoral College is a deeply flawed, antiquated mechanism that distorts our presidential election campaigns by focusing the candidates on just a few states that are deemed to be “in play” and thus distorts campaign strategy by incentivizing candidates to all-but-ignore about 40 of the states.

But it’s most undemocratic element is that it creates the possibility (which has happened five times including in 2016) that the ticket receiving the most votes will “lose” the election to a ticket receiving fewer votes.

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(I’ve ranted against it often in the past (here’s a link to one of my best ones, written long before the rise of Trump, titled “Ten reasons why the Electoral College is a problem”.)

But if you can spare three and a half minutes for a much more recent exegesis of the many faults of the Electoral College system by the brilliant Constitution scholar and U.S. Rep. (and former law professor) Jamie Raskin, D-Maryland, which YouTube titled “Jamie Raskin DESTROYS the Electoral College in three minutes,” it’s right here:


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