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The Software Behind Retail Dispensaries

Delivery Tech And Menu Companies

Although many cannabis apps and websites offer similar interfaces for cannabis consumers, they vary by niche, specialty, and execution. If you run a dispensary or plan on opening one in the future, these services can vastly expand your sales potential. Here are a some examples of delivery tech and menu companies to consider:

Delivery-Focused Cannabis Tech

The future of cannabis means being able to go on your smartphone, effortlessly search for dispensaries or specific products close by, and, with the click of a button, get those products delivered to your door. There are already thirteen states that allow cannabis delivery, with software companies linking to local dispensaries and licensed drivers to facilitate easy hand-offs.


Based out of the Bay Area, Eaze operates by working with dispensaries in Colorado, Florida, California, and Michigan. Calling themselves the “Uber of weed,” they have raised significant capital and expanded their operations significantly since their inception in 2014. They also run Eaze Momentum, a “cannabis business accelerator designed to support under-represented founders.”


Emjay is a free and fast delivery service that operates in Los Angeles and San Diego. They guarantee cheap prices, no markups, and one hour delivery time. They also pride themselves in having the best variety of a wide range or products.

Online Marijuana Menus

Simply offering information on what’s out there and where to find it can drive so much traffic towards your app and retail storefronts. Leveraging this information into consumer data, and advertising through the same menu is also a big part of what makes these companies so powerful.


Weedmaps is one of the original marijuana technology apps. It offers location searches for different types of dispensaries, products, and strains. The company has evolved and expanded their portfolio into including their own point of sale, wholesale purchasing, and CRM.

Still, they are best known for hosting weed menus that integrate with the POS and/or eCommerce your dispensary is using. They also offer the option to purchase ad spaces on those menus to beef up your dispensaries presence and increase sales and visibility.


Customers can scour dispensaries to see which coupons and deals are available on Leafbuyers website. The company also offers ad space for different cannabis retail products and stores. They act as both a marketing platform and retention program by working with dispensaries to send customers deals and promotions.


Similar to Weedmaps, Wikileaf offers an interface to see what strains are available. They are more focused on strain information above all else. Their website has an elaborate profiling system to describe each type of cannabis flower strain for potential customers. Below are images taken from Wikileaf’s iPhone application showing the flow from searching for a strain to finding a dispensary that offers that strain in their inventory.

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