The Tesla Cybertruck Looks Dangerously Close To Real Life Production In New Images And Video


Actions speak louder than words and it looks as though there’s some very important action taking place at Tesla. New photos and video show off the 9,000-ton Giga Press and a tail light that we’ve never seen before. Both indicate that the world’s most controversial pickup truck might actually be in the hands of reservation holders soon.

After initially announcing the Cybertruck in 2019, Elon Musk said in August that it would begin production in mid-2023. Included in that call, Musk confirmed the actions that would take place beforehand saying “installing the production equipment, the tooling, and all starting in the next couple of months.” Now, we’re seeing the evidence in multiple images posted online.

On October 24, one Twitter user released what he called “leaked pictures from the new Cybertruck inside Giga Texas!” The images show a completely covered Cybertruck-shaped object on a pallet as it moves through the factory. Another post from the 25th shows the Giga Press packed up and “ready to go!” as IDRA, its manufacturer, says.

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There’s no way to tell when the Giga Press will be up and running in Texas but that day is clearly closer than ever. On top of that, a post from the 22nd of October shows a Cybertruck with a rear taillight design that we haven’t seen yet. The single thin light bar that used to exist is gone and now it’s broken up into multiple sections. Just below each edge is a secondary light block too.

We also get a clear look at the reverse lights which are positioned just above the rear bumper. While we can’t confirm whether or not these will be the final production layout, it does look more refined than previous iterations. On top of all of this, Teslarati has reported that the battery pack for the Cybertruck is going into production in Fremont soon.

For now, the EV manufacturer is in the process of completing the assembly line to build those packs. Tesla’s CEO has made a lot of promises regarding the Cybertruck. Everything seems to be pointing toward his prediction of production in mid-2023 coming to fruition.

Image Credit: @AstroS3xy on Twitter


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