The Top 5 Most Annoying Things Car Salesmen Say According To You


Buying a new or used car at a dealer can often come with a wide-ranging mix of feelings. One that seems to be prevalent is annoyance and as such, we recently asked what the most annoying thing to hear from a car salesman was. You came up with some doozies and some stories that surprised us too. Here are the top five most annoying things to come out of a salesperson’s mouth according to you.

Right up front in our honorable mention section, we should acknowledge that a few of you praised the dealers you’d worked with. Same Borat told a great story about how well a Volvo dealer treated him and his wife.

Getoffline said that he got $4,000 off of the price and a 1.99 interest rate on a performance Audi they were after. If only the rest of you had such great experiences we wouldn’t be here though.

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5. Can we look for a better lender for you?

Ben called this one out right off of the bat and got some upvotes along the way. Dealers work with a vast array of lenders because it ups their chances of sealing the deal but don’t forget that they also profit from the financing too. Ben has a great suggestion: bring your own financing.

4. What do you want to pay for this car?

TRB0T0Y and TheBelltower both get some credit here because they both mentioned similar questions. What do you want your monthly payment to be is another form and equally annoying. According to TRB0T0Y, his dad had exactly the right answer to such an obtuse inquiry: “‘$10. I want to pay $10 for this car.’
We all had a good laugh as we walked out,” he says.

3. We can order that but it’ll be six to nine months before we get it

PhilMcGraw, 2wheelsandopenroad, and ChrisK all got in on this one. The good doctor drove the point home further mentioning that many salesmen will add “and ones like this go pretty quick” inferring that you should buy now and settle.

2. This offer is only good if you buy right now

SCBeachBum and DeathPunch180 got a combined 18 upvotes between the two of them for this kind of comment. It’s easy to see why it’s so hated too. It’s clearly a pressure tactic meant to push the buyer into the transaction as quickly as possible. That’s not how anybody builds a long-lasting relationship.

1. Let me go talk to my manager

Stigasawuswrecks scored 15 upvotes for this single comment but Keren and KAG25 also mentioned similar ones so it takes first place in our book. Former salesperson SCBeachBum summed up what’s going on in the comments. “I WAS a salesperson for a while back in the ’00s. It’s purely a stall and let-em-sweat technique that, for the majority of instances, the salesperson can OK or deny (or counteroffer) without a manager’s OK,” they say. As a former car salesman myself (for a short 8 months) I can confirm that too.

Did we miss any of the most annoying things that salesmen say? Let us know in the comments.


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